Featured image: Poet and artist, Andy Balcer, founder of Poets Know it, performing at the launch of And Then There Was Light. Photo Credit: Christopher Sharpe.

What people have said about The Way of Words

“an enjoyable scheme – flexible but well directed”

“extremely satisfactory”

“‘excellent atmosphere'”

“Lots of useful tips, inspiring and also very freeing with regard to writing without being too critical. It has inspired me to keep writing and to be more aware of the things that help writing, uses of senses, visual prompts. It has provided me with freedom, but yet understanding the need to have some structure and revision.”

“Anne is very encouraging whether you’re just beginning or experienced. It’s taught me valuable ways of getting around ‘blocks’ and just writing freely, rediscovering fun. Very good for overcoming unnecessary fears and encouraging creativity – would recommend it to anyone.”

“I liked the people, the exercises, the communication, the sensitivity, the flow of ideas, the reading in the café, the idea of an anthology, the general stimulation. I found other people particularly sensitive and friendly, a nice atmosphere. I used to just ‘block’ things out of terror before I began the course, whereas the course got me writing…” 

“Got me moving. The Freedom. No pressure. Felt supported. Was aware ‘anything’ could go and yes, did not feel threatened by criticism.”

“Definitely now thinking about ways to publish! Can’t believe it! Haven’t written for about a year, now getting going. A stimulating and interesting environment, accepting feedback challenged me. Thank you so much Anne.”

“The exercises were very inventive and freeing. I loved the handouts and tips…I now see it [writing] as an activity which has an enjoyable craft and skill and doesn’t have to be a painful lonely experience.”

“Well presented, organised and timed…it has helped me decide on things that I want to work on at home …it has challenged me in the sense that I wrote things that I would not normally write. The atmosphere was supportive that I felt comfortable doing this.”